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Why live in Vista Ridge Estates?

We are located in a very centralized area surround by many neighboring cities with lots of things to do and services to make living here a plus. Since we are located in Lewisville Letís start there. This information can be found on the City of Lewisville web page - -

What to do in Lewisville?

Glad you asked! There are so many things to do in Lewisville, it's difficult to know where to begin.

We have Shopping, Restaurants, Sailing, Singing, Dancing, Shopping, Restaurants, Racing, Golfing, Sports, Shopping, Restaurants, Reading, Painting, Rodeo, Fishing, Shopping, Restaurants, Camping, Skiing, Boarding, Music, Concerts, Shopping, Restaurants, Fireworks, Chili, Motorcycles, Restaurants, History, and oh, did we mention, Shopping and Restaurants?

You get the idea. Lewisville is the hub of Denton County for shopping and restaurants. People from all over the area drive to Lewisville to find the best shopping and restaurants in the Metroplex. With Vista Ridge Mall on the southern end of the City, on IH35E, just north of S.H. 121, people from all over the Metroplex hop on the freeways and head our way, every day. Vista Ridge Mall is the primary destination shopping mall for people in all of Denton County and many in eastern Tarrant County, western Collin County and northern Dallas County.

Not only that, but hook up the boat, grab your skis and head to Lake Lewisville for a fun day on the lake. Or, stay overnight at our campgrounds at Lake Lewisville. Whether you have a jet ski or a 50 foot yacht, Lake Lewisville is the place to be.

During the year, the City celebrates for almost any reason we can find. We celebrate chili, we celebrate classic cars, we celebrate most of all, our nation's freedom with the most spectacular fireworks show in the Metroplex on July 4th at Vista Ridge Mall.

If you like golf, we sit right smack in the middle of five of the finest golf courses in the area and we'll be glad to be your host while you try them all. Stay in our fine hotels and we'll gather the information on the golf courses that surround you so you can chose which ones to play while staying in Lewisville.

Neighboring City of Coppell to the south -
Enjoy several parks and the Aquatic Center!

Flower Mound to our west - -
Additional shopping and restaurants.

Carrollton to our east - -
Sandy Lake amusement park is located here.

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